Champion Select in Ranked (Draft Pick)

Champion Select: Outside the Summoner’s Rift

Last week, we talked about Control Wards. Today we’re going to talk about something that’s outside of the Summoner’s Rift. We’re going to talk about Champion Select. This article aims to tackle some subtle things but they are definitely important.


Okay so before you hit that play button, ask yourself this — “Am I even ready to play this game?” — Are you tired, hungry, or distracted? Well, then you won’t play as well. You’ll get frustrated and that might make you say or do something that could set off your teammate or put you on tilt.

Make sure you have time to play the game. League of Legends isn’t a 30-minute or even a 45-minute game. You should make sure that you have at least an uninterrupted hour before you queue up. That’s how long some games will take after factoring in even dodging and loading times. All those things take time.

Don’t play on tilt. Tilt is when you are down or feeling bad about the last game or the last few games you’ve played. If you go into a game with a negative mindset, you might as well throw your League Points (LP) away. Here’s something to help you avoid tilt. You have to realize that losing is an unavoidable truth of this game. In fact, even the best players lose 50% of their games. So remember that losing happens and it’s a matter of playing each game to your best as it comes. But if you do get down, because it does happen to everyone, take a break and don’t play.

Think of playing ranked like you are gambling. You are betting the system 25–30 LP that you will win the next game, and if you do win the game, you get the LP. But if you lose the game, you lose it. Now you wouldn’t gamble if you had a terrible hand in Poker. So don’t gamble your LP if you aren’t holding all your aces.


Now that you know that you are ready to play, you’ve queued up, and you’re in champion select, let’s meet your allies. I’d like to think that I have no idea who these people are, what kind of day they’ve had, or if they’re on tilt. So it’s better to assume that they’re all on the verge of losing their minds and they plan on going Away from Keyboard (AFK).

Whether you like it or not, the system has paired you with these 4 other individuals. These are the four people you have on your team which will make the difference between winning or losing. You already have 5 enemies on the enemy team and you don’t need anymore on yours. With that in mind, know that a happy team will help you reach your dream. To do that, we have to apply the Super-Nice-Guy-Tactics.

Be as cheerful and positive as possible. As much as you hate it or as insincere as it may be, this is a strategic play that will increase your chances of winning. It’s also good to get people talking. Let your team know if you can fill anything. But what if someone ends up saying “Mid or Feed” or “ADC Only” but you want to play your assigned role? Ask yourself and think of “What if he plays that role so much?” or “What if that’s the only role he can play?” and after you’ve justified agreeing with those questions, let them have it. It will keep them happy and it will help you win the game even if you are better than them at that role.

If you want to climb, you need to adapt and accept that some people will be stubborn. It’s your job to get the best outcome from that.


Now that you’ve sorted your team out and ingrained your role in the game, it’s time to pick a champion. A lot of people believe that they have a better chance of winning if they pick a meta champion. Which they most likely saw in the competitive scene, or in high ELO games. This isn’t true and to be honest, the meta that exists in the competitive scene rarely even applies to Solo Queue. Which is even worse when applied to lower tiers. While it is true that some meta champions can be powerful, it’s always important to play what you enjoy.

Play the champion that you’re comfortable with. If you have 150+ games on Darius and know him inside and out but Maokai is the current meta champion, play Darius. It’s your skill that will always outweigh a meta champion. With that in mind, you should never criticize other people’s picks. If somebody is trying a champion who is out of the meta or is weak, let them play what they are comfortable with. It’s the people who pick random champions who usually surprise you and the enemy the most. I mean, nobody knows how to play against an AD (Attack Damage) Malzahar.

Finally, I cannot stress enough how important it is that you can play every role with at least 1–2 champions. People say that you should never play a few champions to climb but I disagree. That’s because the best way to get better at this game is to play against better enemies. The fastest way to get there is by being the best you can be. Playing a few champions can increase your chances of climbing. But, you also need to recognize that you must be able to fill for the team if ever they can’t play their autofill role. A general rule of thumb is to play at least 1–2 champions in each role well. Then as you get more comfortable, you can expand your pool.


In case somebody is taking a while to select a champion, throw up a funny YouTube video or joke to lighten the mood. Talking in champion select can cheer people up and throw them off tilt.

Keep track of what your allies say. Let’s say that somebody mentions that they can only play Hecarim and they have 1,000+ games with him. If the game gets dodged and he isn’t on your team anymore, it could be a good idea to ban Hecarim so the enemy team can’t play him.

That’s all for today guys! I hope you learned something all throughout. As always, good luck on the rift!

My name is Symeon “Midnight” Seguis. I am a League of Legends coach that specializes in strategy and player improvement. I like to write guides and analysis!

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My name is Symeon “Midnight” Seguis. I am a League of Legends coach that specializes in strategy and player improvement. I like to write guides and analysis!

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